Monday, October 8, 2007

Favorite Pictures from Bellingham

Evan and I spent this past weekend with Max and Amy in Bellingham (Jeremy missed this trip--he stayed home to work and enjoy two nights of uninterupted sleep). We went to the Down Syndrome Outreach Buddy Walk, went out to dinner, shopping, and just hanging out. Sunday was the Fall CHARGE group get-together (unfortunately, I got so caught up in visiting that I didn't get any pictures of all the kiddos together again...). These are the best pics from the weekend.

I always wondered if Evan was the only kid that liked watching TV this way...guess not

Max shared his neat indoor play structure with Evan (by the end of the weekend, Evan figured out how to climb up the slide by himself, turn around, and slide back down)

At the Buddy Walk, by Whatcom "creek" (a rushing river by my standards)--love the fall leaves and the look on Evan's face

After the walk, Max looked up in the sky and noticed some birds. Amy was signing "bird" to him, and after they flew away he made his "where'd they go" sign (he also makes a sound that sounds just like "where'dtheygo" sometimes too). Real, meaningful communication--it is so inspiring to see.

Evan and Max playing very well next to each other while we were waiting for dinner.


Leslie, Arlin & Katie Kauffman said...

Evan, it looks like you and Max had a great time together! That's great that you two are buddies and can grow up together.

Leslie & Katie

Eva Nichole said...

that is so wonderful!! I hope you all come to the conference in Illinois and spend a few extra days near us so we can all hang out. I do miss everyone from the conference.
Crystal and Eva

Miss N Cedie said...

That is so great that Evan and Max have each other as friends! That is going to be invaluable later in life.

Love the pics!

Love jenn

Anonymous said...

Max and Evan are so darn cute together. It will be so much fun when they can start signing to each other. Wish they lived closer, but it is good that you all take the time to get together throughout the year. Auntie Jen and I are looking forward to spending time with you this weekend. See you soon little Evan!
Love, Grandma Key

Carolyn said...

Hi Evan, I found you through Max and have signed in a few times. I read about you all the time. The pictures of you and Max are awesome. It is so nice that you and your family are friends with Max & Amy.
Carolyn in WV