Monday, October 8, 2007

What's Wrong, Little Pookie?

I found this book today and bought it based on the title alone.

Jeremy read it and said that it reminded him, with a few modifications to the text, about a day with our Pookie, when he is upset and has to keep trying different things to make Evan feel better.

The book begins with "Oh, sweet little Pookie! Your bright eyes are all wet. Come over and tell me why you are upset. My Pookie won't answer. I'll just have to guess." Then there is a whole list of questions the mommy asks Pookie to find out why he's crying. By the end, Pookie has forgotten what made him upset in the first place.

We figure our version would go something like this:

Pookie, are you hungry?
Does your g-tube need vented?
Do you need a hug?
Do you need an albuterol puff?
Is your hearing aid buzzing bothering you?
Are you getting an ear infection?
Is your diaper wet?
Do you want to take your eye patch off?
Are you mad because I made you wear your glasses?


Eva Nichole said...

that is so cute!!!

crystal and Eva

Mary said...