Friday, October 19, 2007

I Love Stars

Evan ate some "Chicken and Stars" baby food this afternoon. He did really well--eating (or smearing around) almost 2 oz! This was a toddler food, and was a little chunkier than I realized. Evan gagged on a "star" in one of the initial bites, but once I mashed it up a little bit more he was willing to try again and did great.

Here are some pictures of the fine mess he made. Knowing he's making some progress with his oral feedings makes it almost fun cleaning him up again...almost!


Eva Nichole said...

AWSOME JOB EVAN!!! Eva loves those toddler foods also, her fav is mac and cheese. We have to mush it up a bit more too. I am so proud of you!!

Crystal and Eva

mighty max and mommy said...

WOOO HOOO! THat is huge guys! Congratulations! :) Way to go Evan!

Love, Amy and Max

Shelly and Luke Snyder said...

Way to go Evan! That's so great! I'm so anxious for the day that Luke will enjoy eating like that. Wish you lived closer so Evan could come teach Luke the joy of eating. What a cute little messy face he has too! I don't think I'd mind cleaning the food mess either. Very nice pics by the tree too. I just love fall pictures.

Amy, Mike & Ben Russo said...

MMmmm, chicken and stars is one of my favorites too. Keep up the good work. How impressive!

Miss N Cedie said...

Way to go big boy! Sooo cute!

Love Jenn