Monday, September 8, 2008

Children's Check-Up

Evan had a bunch of follow-up appointments at Children's today. Most of them were through the Craniofacial clinic, although Evan's managing pediatrician was not available to see him today (as far as we're concerned, not the end of the world).

His dietitian was very pleased with Evan's growth--he weighed 30 lbs and measured 35 1/2 inches! Evan had been hovering around 27 lbs it seemed like forever. We had added an extra tablespoon of flax seed and olive oil to his blended mix. It finally helped. Evan has a mini gut over his waistband now (too cute!). I remeasured him at home because I didn't believe his height--it turned out he is around 35 inches, which is the same as I measured the week before is birthday. Most of the disbelief was the result of a math error on my part, which got me thinking Evan had grown 3 inches in 2 months (the blendarized diet is good, but not that good!). 3 feet does not equal 32 inches mommy!

Evan's ENT was pleasantly surprised to see an almost secretion-free Evan. Evan has his moments, up to this point they have never been while seeing this particular Dr. After Evan's upcoming surgery, he would like to discontinue the oral antibiotics and try Evan on a Bactrim/saline nasal spray. I'm sure the thinking is that localizing the antibiotic application to his nose is better than giving him a whole body dose with the oral med. But, the mucus membranes in the nose have a very rich blood supply--the Bactrim is going to go systemic anyway. Knowing what a fan Evan is of inhalers and nose sprays, meds through his g-tube are much less traumatic. But we'll give it a try and see what happens.

The speech therapist and orthodontist also checked in. We are all set for Evan's upcoming surgery date October 8th. Evan will be having a final urology procedure done, along with an MRI and BAER hearing test for his cochlear implant candidacy eval. Fingers crossed Evan stays well until then.


Amy, Mike and Ben Russo said...

Glad to hear your weight is up. Good luck with your upcoming procedures. I hope they are able to determine something regarding a cochlear implant. Can't wait to see pics of your first day at school.

Eva Nichole said...

Way to grow Evan!! I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers as your sugery gets closer.
Crystal and Eva