Saturday, September 13, 2008

Goodbye Kitt Kat

Kitt Kat still has not come home yet. It has been over two weeks now. I've looked along the sides of the road and have asked our neighbors--no luck. I even have the neighbor lady that feeds all the stray cats on the look out for him. I would like to think that someone took him, and he's enjoying a new family with lots of attention. Not knowing is the hardest part.

I saw a story on Yahoo about a cat that was returned to her owners after nine years of being gone. The cat had a microchip, so that's how the owners could be tracked down. Unfortunately, our cats do not have microchips (or collars).

Even though he could be pesky at times, Kitt Kat was a good cat. He liked to snuggle. I miss him. Snickers (our other cat) misses him too.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Sarah Elizabeth,
That makes me sad that Kitt Kat has not returned or been returned. I can only imagine, as you, that he is with a new family that thought he was just a stray and seemed friendly enough for a family pet. And who knows, he could still return, after all think of Chipper #1 and all of his mishaps and then somehow it always turned out right.
Love, Mom