Saturday, September 13, 2008

Daddy Walking

Even though Evan is a pretty efficient cruiser/walker now, his favorite mode of transportation around the house is daddy-assisted walking. He is very particular about how it's done too--if everything is not just how Evan wants it, he'll let you know. He might even perform one of the little feet-stomping fits he's started throwing lately (not being able to tell mom and dad what he wants frustrates him to the boil-over point sometimes).

Here are Evan's "Rules for Walking"

1. To begin with, the "helper" must be daddy. Maybe if daddy has been gone for a few hours, mommy will do...maybe. But if daddy is anywhere in the house, it has to be him. If mommy tries, I instantly turn into "Noodle Boy" and won't stand up.

2. Evan will only walk with daddy bending over him, so he is walking in front of Jeremy, between his legs. No walking along side daddy, and absolutely no walking between two parents. Try to walk any other way and, you guessed it--Noodle Boy returns. (Thank goodness Evan is getting taller, so Jeremy doesn't have to bend over so far now.)

3. Both hands must be held. Being able to grip the palm of the hand, underneath the thumb is critical. No thumb or finger holding is permitted. The hands cannot have any thing else in them. If you try to hold his hands any other way, he pulls them back and will sit down in a noodle-like fashion.

4. The preferred route is circular laps through the kitchen and living room in a counter-clockwise direction. Evan does not like walking in the clockwise direction--he will twist himself around to go the other way. He will walk to other parts of the house sometimes--but he really likes walking in circles best.

If you follow these rules, you will have one happy Evan. If you don't (or if you decide you are done for the night, and Evan isn't) out!


amy and mighty max said...

very cute!

Kristi said...

First, thanks so much for you comments on our blog :-). I think it's so cute that Evan and Gracie share a love of trees!!
Evan's strong will is very apparent in your description of his walking requirements! Too cute! (And not-so-cute for you sometimes, I am sure!)
I am so sorry to hear about Kitt Kat. The loss of a pet is never easy... I hope that by some miracle your kitty returns.