Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Pee Pee in the Potty Chair!

So this was more than a fluke than anything else, but Evan peed in his potty chair this morning.

Jeremy has discovered that Evan "holds it" during bath time, and he almost always will go on the bath mat while he is waiting for Jeremy to get out and dry him off (or the bedroom carpet the couple of times he was able to scamper off before Jeremy got to him).

Evan refuses to sit on his potty chair, but Jeremy got the idea to just stand him up in front of it this morning. And low and behold--he went! Most of it actually made it inside the potty chair too.

Jeremy said the look on Evan's face was priceless. He was evidently pretty surprised to discover exactly where pee comes from. And when he saw how happy and excited daddy was, he started grinning--pretty pleased with himself.

So Jeremy's new plan is to get Evan up in front to the big potty every morning as soon as he gets up (figuring it's a bigger target and a shorter distance, there will be a greater chance of success). We'll see how effective this "habbit training" is. We'll take any kind of potty training we can get!


Anonymous said...

I like Dad and Mom's new strategy for finding success with potty training. It only makes sense to Evan and no less easier to hit the mark. Just be glad Evan is not a girl, because the sitting down part was the stopper. Good Job Evan! Grandma and Grandpa are so very proud of you!

Catherine said...

that's wonderful progress!!! congratulations.. lovely to hear

amy and mighty max said...

woo hoo! keep us posted...that is so exciting! i guess we need to start working on that too? eeks!

Eva Nichole said...

Good luck let us know how it goes!!
Crystal and Eva