Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Choosing Socks

Evan picked out the pair of socks he wanted to wear this morning. Jeremy was folding laundry, and had a pile of Evan's socks on the bed. Evan picked up one pair at a time, and would throw the ones he didn't want off to the side. There was one pair he didn't toss away, and that was the pair he wanted to wear. He pulled the pair apart, and laid down with his feet in the air (that is his way of helping us put his socks on). The socks he chose were orange and blue stripes--didn't match the rest of his outfit at all--but I think that's a pretty standard wardrobe selection for a three year old.

PS Evan's second day of school went pretty well also. There were more kids in the class this morning, so the teachers were busy getting the new kids all settled in. Evan is getting used to J. very quickly--he crawled up to J. and wanted him to walk with him. It's going to be a great year for Evan--I just have a good feeling about it.

Jeremy had a close call with another g-tube incident--he discovered before leaving home this morning the mic-key button balloon had a tiny hole in it (that's why it deflated yesterday), so changed to a new button.

On to Day 3!

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Anonymous said...

Little Evan, I'm sure that those will be your favorite socks every day and sooner or later you will find the clothes to match. You are such a smart little one and every day you do more things to show your independence and growing up.
Love, Grandma