Friday, January 30, 2009

Aides & Potty Talk

Evan is between aides at school again. The aide I had posted about last week (who has 8 years experience as an interpreter) did not end up taking the job. Evan has a "substitute" aide at the moment--she doesn't know ASL, but from what we have heard from the teachers, she is very good about keeping Evan involved with what the rest of the class is doing. Hopefully we will find a new aide who does know sign soon.

Next month Evan is also going to start Total Communication classes back up with Kat, his teacher of the Deaf from Hearing and Speech in Yakima. Jeremy and I both feel this is the best use of Evan's 20 therapy visits our insurance pays each year. Kat has also offered to come observe at Evan's preschool. We are excited to get back with her!

Potty training has been going better than I would have expected. I made a progress chart to post in the bathroom, next to Evan's potty chair. Every time he goes in the potty (or at least partly in the potty), he gets a star on his chart. In the past week, he has earned 9 stars! I don't know if he's made the connection yet, but he does like to touch the stars (and try to pick them off the chart). One day Evan appeared to be trying to tell Jeremy (by body language) he needed to go. Jeremy was changing him, and he wouldn't let him put the new diaper on. Jeremy took him to the potty, he went right away, and then put the diaper on no problem. I've also noticed diapers are staying dry between most changings during the day. Both of those things are signs of potty training readiness, so it's got to be a good sign.


amy and mighty max said...

OH MY GOODNESS! The potty training progress is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Holy cow. Seriously. Oh my goodness!

We started trying this week and Max is willing to sit on the potty but doesn't do anything. He seems to not be making the all...{YET}.

Thanks for the inspiration! And congrats again for the success! WOO HOO EVAN!

The Claytons said...

That is such great news about the potty training. We are yet to get there with Christopher. Like Amy said definitely an inspiration though! GOOOOO EVAN!!

Sorry to hear about the Aide and hope that you can find one that knows sign real soon but it is good that the Aide he has now is able to keep him on track :O)

Eva Nichole said...

WOW!! That is so awsome!! Great job Evan!! We put Eva on the potty but only because I needed a pee sample and have not tried again since then. She has no clue so I am not ready to try with her yet.
Keep up the great work and good luck with school.
Crystal and Eva