Monday, January 12, 2009


Sorry that as of late this blog has been more about our cat than Evan! :)

So we learned a little bit more about Bosley's history... We took Bosley to our vet last Tuesday to get vaccinated and neutered--or at least half-neutered. Bosley only had one testicle also (I'm starting to there something in the water around here???).

On Friday, we found out the "Bosley" is actually "Tiger" and belongs to our neighbors across the street. He had been an "inside" cat, which explained why we hadn't seen him before. The neighbors had been gone a lot, and they had a friend come and check on the cat--the friend let him out. Our neighbor had been asking around if anyone had seen her cat. I took Bosley back to her house, and explained what we had done (it is a pretty humbling experience to say "By the way, we altered your cat..."). She told me that she would rather the cat live with a nice family, and said we could have him.

So I brought him back home, but the next day Jeremy thought that we really should return "Tiger"--he felt badly we were taking the neighbor's cat. So Jeremy loaded "Tiger" up in our cat carrier and tried two times to take him back, but our neighbor didn't answer the door (she works odd hours and might have been sleeping). Tonight, he succeeded in catching the neighbor at home. He explained that we didn't want to take him from her, and that we didn't want her to worry about the vet bill. She took the cat, and we thought that was that.

About an hour later, she came and knocked on the door with (you guessed it) "Tiger/Bosley." Evidently, Bosley got used to his new digs and wasn't so happy about going back. He cried the whole time he was back home, and so the neighbor decided we should keep him.

So he's back...for good this time. Tiger Bosley (T-Boz for short). I hope he knows how many people want him.


Eva Nichole said...

Well I am glad everyone is happy and the cat loves your house so much.
Crystal and Eva

Anonymous said...

Dear Evan,
When you get old enough to read all about "The Life of Evan" you are going to laugh yourself silly about the cat story. Truly, that is a story that was meant for a book. Grandma & Grandpa are still laughing!