Sunday, January 4, 2009

Meet Bosley

We were adopted by a new kitty today. He had been hanging around a neighbor's house, and they came by with the cat to see if he belonged to us. If the cat was a stray, they were going to take it to the shelter. I had to do a double take--this cat looks very similar to Kitt Kat (our cat that disappeared last September). The cat is very friendly, and came right in the house. Once I petted him and he started purring, it was all over. So we have a second cat again. His name is Bosley (while I was talking Jeremy into letting me keep the cat, a commercial for the Bosley Hair Regrowth System came on TV--it seemed like a good name!).

Bosley really likes Evan--he followed Evan around most of this evening. Evan is fairly oblivious to the cat (he doesn't pay much attention to Snickers either). Snickers seems less than thrilled to be a "big brother." He has only growled and hissed so far, but until we get Bosley fixed, we're going to keep them separated.

These are two pictures of Bosley--he was more interested in sniffing the camera, than holding still so these were the best I could do.

This is a picture of Kitt Kat--Don't they look a lot alike?


amy and mighty max said...

Hi Bosley! Aren't you the lucky, lucky, lucky kitty!?!?! Congratulations to all of you...

Love, Amy and Max

Eva Nichole said...

WOW they do look alot like.
Enjoy your new kitty!!
Crystal and Eva