Saturday, January 17, 2009

Great Day at Pre-School & Communication Update

Thought I would share that according to his teachers, Evan had a fantastic day at pre-school on Friday!

Tuesday was Evan's first day with his new aide, Di. He missed Wednesday because Jeremy's truck died on the way into town (this is a whole other story--thankfully our neigbor Michelle was able to come to the rescue!). I guess Thursday was just a regular day. But Friday--Friday Evan had tons of eye contact, he gave a couple teachers hugs, and he made a very purposeful, finger-tips together "more" sign when Di signed if he wanted to keep riding in the wagon. Evan has seemed to understand the concept of "more" for awhile now, but he makes pretty much the same sign for "want" and "more"--a cross between hand flapping and clapping. I guess for a 3 year old, the shades of meaning are not that different. But this time, the sign actually looked like a real "more". Progress!

We have noticed at home Evan is making more of an effort to communicate with us. A lot of his communication is still pre-symbolic--most of it is pulling us towards what he wants, pushing our hand up against a doorknob or latch, putting a toy in our hand. I'm having second thoughts about getting him started with "floor spinning," because of how he asks for it--he will pull you to the kitchen, lay down, and then pull your hand between his legs (this is because I use his leg as a "handle" to get him going around, but I don't want him doing this with someone other than Jeremy or I!). I keep signing "round-and-round" when we do it, but so far no luck.

The eye contact is a constant--if he wants something (including attention), he will look right at us. We love this--it honestly seemed like forever that we were craning our heads around to get in his face so he would look at us. He also likes giving hugs and his version of a kiss: he will put his forhead up on your chin and shake his head back and forth (it's so cute!). He is very aware that daddy has a hairy chin and mommy does not.

Evan has for sure mastered the concept of "No"--he doesn't make the ASL sign yet, but if you sign something to him he's not wanting to do, he will shake his head back and forth. Do you want a bath Evan? (head shaking) Time to get dressed Evan? (more head shaking) Daddy is all finished walking? (lots of head shaking and some feet stomping)


deafgirlmelissa said...

You have a beautiful son in Evan!

What hearing loss does he have?

I'm glad he had a great day at preschool and its great about the eye contact!!

Great blog!!

Mary said...

I am so happy that Evan enjoyed preschool.

Eva Nichole said...

great job Evan!!!
Keep up the great work!!
Crystal and Eva

Catherine said...

great milestones!

Jesse James said...

So NOT surprised to hear he's progressing so rapidly. In the 4 months I was there it seemed like every day he made a new stride! More with FINGERS TOGETHER!? Wow. I so need to see him again...