Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Feeling better?

Evan seems to be feeling better these days. He isn't spiking fevers. But his past few nights have been very restless (or so I hear...). Seriously though, I've been waking up at least once during the night with him. And if I'm waking up, you know it has to be bad! Evan is sleeping a lot these days--he's gone to bed for the night around 6 the past few nights. He has an appointment on Thursday for his "2 year well-child" visit with Dr. Oldham. We are doubtful we'll be bringing in a "well" child, but I guess we can always hope.

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Eva Nichole said...

Evan I hope you start feeling back to your old self soon and you get better sleep and so does mommy and daddy.
Sarah thanks for your kind words it really helped, sometime we need to let it out and our children's blogs are the best place sometimes.
Crystal and Eva