Sunday, August 19, 2007

Glasses are broken :(

Evan broke his glasses this morning!

And it's not an easy fix like a gluing a cable temple back on or replacing a screw. He snapped one of the temples clean off. On Monday I will try to order another one (fingers crossed this frame has not been discontinued). I am also going to order some rubbery little kid frames to put Evan's lenses in. They won't be as cute, but hopefully they will stand up to all the abuse just a little bit better. (***Evan, if you are reading: this is not a challenge!)


Eva Nichole said...

Oh boy you broke those fast!! Eva has had hers for over a year now and the most she did was eat the nose peice which we easily replaced.
I hope you can get them fixed and Evan doesn't try to brake anther pair.
Crystal and Eva

ellen charge said...

dad has these pair of glasses that r bendy like they arent rubber but u can step on them and theyll snap back perfect for you i think look into them dont know the name