Sunday, August 26, 2007


Evan still loves anything that spins. The only thing better than one toy that spins? Two toys that spin, at the same time of course!


Eva Nichole said...

I can't veiw the picture for some reason its just a red x but I am sure you are adorable as always!!
Eva also loves things like that she is so silly!!
Crystal and Eva

Eva Nichole said...

Ok now it worked!! Very cute!! I love both those toys they are very cool, I can see why Evan like them so much.
Crystal and Eva

Amélie Chan said...

Great to see, I love watching the videos it enables you to see Evans progress rather than photos. Also its amazing how well charge children play flat...Amélie does exactly the same the fact she cant sit up properly doesnt stop her getting what she wants from her toys.

loved it...Amélie and Les x

Miss N Cedie said...

So cute! You are a crazy lil man Mr. Evan! I am so glad you are doing so well.

(sorry I haven't posted in a while- been super busy. I was finally able to update our blog this week and catch up with all my amazing CHARGErs!)

Love Jennifer