Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Year in Review

For those who don't know this about me, I have a "moderate" scrap-booking habit. I say moderate, because I'm not nearly as into it as some of my friends (Amy & Julie come to mind...). But, Evan does have an alphabet-themed scrapbook of his first year (with a page built around each letter), and I did finish it shortly after his first birthday last year. That's a bit more than a casual scrapper...

This year, I really scaled back. Aunt Jessica had put together a book with a "months of the year" theme--one page a month. I just had to add pictures and journaling. Since July just wrapped up, I'm finishing up the last pages for this book right now. I used a list format for the journaling, and included the topics "Fun Stuff We Did," "Some of My Favorite Things This Month," and "New Things I Can Do." I'm amazed how much progress Evan has made over the past year, particularly in the latter two categories.

Favorite Things: Baby Noah DVD, Exersaucer
New Things I can Do: say "na-na-na" and "ah-na," mom or dad can pull me up to a stand

Favorite Things: Bed bug, Panda bears (I'm over them already), Baby Signs and Trucks board books
New Things I can Do: "help" take my shirts on/off and wear shoes, sit unassisted and stand leaning against something, creeping

Favorite Things: Halloween maracas, Mardi gras beads, "signing Time" DVD
New Things I can Do: stand up/sit down, take steps behind something I can push/use for support, sign "more" (copying mom or dad)

Favorite Things: feet, measuring cups and spoons, play-doh (I do not like)
New Things I can Do: move all over by rolling and/or belly crawling, play "pat-a-cake," turn light switch on and off, copy things mommy or daddy do

Favorite Things: cornstarch and water foop, green beans, my shadow
New Things I can Do: ride my rockinghorse and little tykes trike, eat "real food" through my tube and by mouth, cruise along furniture, climb into mom or dad's lap for hugs, crawl (1st time Christmas morning)

Favorite Things: Rachael Ray, Music & Learning Chair, spotted dog
New Things I can Do: stand up in my crib, get on my trike all by myself (just keep it from rolling away), walk with the push-cart 4-6 feet without help

Favorite Things: baths, spinning in circles...on my trike or on my back, basking in a sunny spot on the floor
New Things I can Do: stack a tower 3 or 4 blocks high, walk with the help of a walker, took my first bite ever

Favorite Things: puzzle and block table, Mother Goose Rhymes & Sounds "book"
New Things I can Do: go down the slide, "read" my books...hold them right side up and turn pages, play "So Big" and the pointing/flat hand copy game

Favorite Things: monkey beach ball, my indoor swing, chewing on my shirts with a thumb
New Things I can Do: my lick/like kisses, make the "mmmm" and "ma-ma-ma" sound

Favorite Things: grape sucker, puzzles, rocking chair with big-eyed farm animals
New Things I can Do: sign "Daddy," put all the pieces back in my shapes puzzle, drink "thick milk" from a sippy cup, stand (leaning against a leg or tree for support)

Favorite Things: fuzzy snowflakes in my Frosty Friends book, the set of stairs daddy build for me, the "wall of gears" at Children's
New Things I can Do: give "high fives," sign "hat" when I want my hat...and just about everything else, too, wave to somebody

Favorite Things: Leap Frog Shapes & Colors pop-up--I can open and close all 4 doors now, Baby Noah DVD (I guess some things never change!)
New Things I can Do: Climb up on top of people and give hugs, sign "light" and "want" in appropriate context, pull up to a stand using a pants leg, turn around, and holding hands "lead the way"

Keep leading the way Evan! I'm already excited about all the fun things you will do next year, that I'll get to scrapbook.


ellen charge said...

evan how wonderful

Eva Nichole said...

What wonderful year you had Evan keep up the great work!!!

Crystal and Eva

Leslie, Arlin & Katie Kauffman said...

Sarah, this is great that you've kept such good track of all this! Evan has made GREAT progress!!

Leslie & Katie

Shelly and Luke said...

Sarah, this was so fun to read and shows what a big boy Evan is getting to be. He's really hitting those milestones isn't he? It makes me realize I should really be keeping better track of those things for Luke. It was so great to meet you and sweet little Evan at the conference. He's so adorable and I had so much fun with you and the other moms. Can't wait to see him again in '09. Take care.

Shelly and Luke